Lewis & Clark Law School Announces New Partnership with CAP Law Online to Deliver Its Top-Ranked Environmental Law Program

Lewis & Clark Law School, home to one of the nation’s top Environmental, Natural Resources, and Energy Law programs, is excited to announce a significant new partnership with CAP Law Online. This collaboration is set to enrich the law school’s acclaimed online advanced degree offerings while maintaining the program’s longstanding commitment to educating lawyers and policy professionals to play key roles in solving some of the world’s most complex environmental challenges.

Ranked consistently as one of the top three programs in the nation by U.S. News & World Report, Lewis & Clark’s Environmental, Natural Resources, and Energy Law program has been at the head of environmental legal education for over 50 years. The program’s success is attributed to its dynamic curriculum, which evolves to meet the current needs of the field, and its adaptability to the changing landscapes of legal education and environmental law.

The new partnership with CAP Law Online represents an exciting evolution of Lewis & Clark Law School’s commitment to providing flexible, accessible, and high-quality legal education. CAP Law Online, known for its innovative online learning platforms and dedication to academic excellence, will bring new strengths and resources to the program, enhancing the learning experience for both lawyers and non-lawyers pursuing advanced degrees in environmental law and policy through the LLM and Master of Studies of Law options. This partnership reaffirms the program’s integrity and its mission to equip students with in-depth knowledge and practical skills necessary for impactful careers. It also expands upon a preexisting and highly successful partnership between CAP Law Online and Lewis & Clark’s celebrated Animal Law program.

“We are thrilled to partner with CAP Law Online, an organization that shares our vision for high-quality, accessible legal education,” said Janice Weis, Associate Dean of the environmental law program at Lewis & Clark Law School. “We have had great success so far in delivering environmental law education to lawyers and nonlawyers all over the world and we look forward to expanding those options even further with our new partnership with CAP.”

CAP Law Online entered the world of online legal education in 2019, and today works with institutions across the country. Leveraging decades of academic publishing experience, CAP Law Online offers comprehensive support to universities and colleges looking to navigate the complexities of online program development. From targeted marketing and lead generation strategies to innovative curriculum design and faculty training, CAP Law Online delivers best-in-class solutions that align with the evolving needs of today’s learners.

Headquartered in Durham, NC, Carolina Academic Press (CAP) has been in legal and academic publishing since the late 1970s. As a major publisher in legal education, CAP has diversified its offerings to more than 100 publications annually across a variety of academic disciplines. In 2011, CAP underscored its commitment to legal education innovation by launching Core Grammar for Lawyers, a critical resource that has been adopted by over half of the law schools in the United States. This legacy of excellence and innovation underpins CAP Law Online’s approach to supporting institutions in their journey toward offering dynamic and accessible online education.

Lewis & Clark Law School, situated in Portland, Oregon, is a beacon of legal education in the Northwest region of the United States, contributing to legal scholarship, innovation, and the preparation of students for diverse and dynamic professional paths in the legal field and beyond.

Applications for the Fall 2024 LLM and MSL degree programs in Environmental, Natural Resources, and Energy Law at Lewis & Clark are now open. Prospective students are encouraged to apply early for optimal course selection and financial aid processing. For more information about the program or assistance with your application, contact envlawllm@lclark.edu or visit https://environmentallaw.lclark.edu/.