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CAP Law Online is a division of Carolina Academic Press, which has been a leader in the legal education field since the 1970s with the publication of Plain English for Lawyers. CAP Law Online entered online education in 2011 with the release of Core Grammar for Lawyers, which has been used by more than 100,000 law students across the world. Today, CAP Law Online employs professionals with many years of experience in launching and managing online programs. We bring our deep experience in legal education to partner with law schools to implement the programs, marketing, technology, and services that grow your institution and expand its reach.  

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The team at Cap Law Online is focused only on law schools. We possess more than 60 years of experience in legal education, instructional design, curriculum development, and OPM marketing, and we have successfully launched new hybrid JD, LLM, and Masters of Legal Studies programs. Unlike the larger OPM companies, Cap Law Online partners with a select number of schools each year, providing every school with an unmatched level of nimble, personalized service. 

Even before a contract is signed, Cap Law Online will work with schools to analyze the potential market for each individual program, study the competition, and identify additional opportunities for growth. If requested, we will assist with the preparation of materials needed for institution approval of new programs as well as offer advice to navigate higher education accreditation.   

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Headquartered in Durham, NC, Carolina Academic Press (CAP) is an academic publisher of books and software. Since entering the legal education market in the late 1970s, Carolina Academic Press has become a major publisher of law school textbooks. Today, CAP publishes more than 100 books a year in academic fields ranging from legal education and criminal justice to anthropology and African studies. In 2011, CAP released its first software package, Core Grammar for Lawyers, which has been used by more than half of the law schools in the United States.

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