Higher Education Marketing
for Law Schools

CAP Law Online Provides the Expertise to Get You in Market and Online.

At CAP Law Online, we specialize in higher education marketing, delivering cutting-edge strategies tailored to law schools seeking to launch or elevate their online programs. Whether it’s a Master’s of Legal Studies Program, Master’s of Science in Law, LLM, or JD program, our experience in higher education and expertise in digital marketing ensures a comprehensive approach that attracts the right candidates.

As more students see the benefits and convenience of online higher ed programs, it’s essential that law schools stay ahead of the curve. Our innovative marketing campaigns focus not only on capturing attention but also on nurturing potential students, guiding them from initial awareness to enrollment.

Elevate Your Online Programs with Our
Digital Marketing Process

Partnering with CAP Law Online ensures that your programs receive the visibility they need in an ever-growing digital space.

Our Higher Education Marketing

At CAP Law Online, our approach to higher education marketing is both meticulous and adaptive. Here’s how it works: 

Partnership in Action

Think of us as an extension of your institution, ensuring that all marketing goals and strategies are in perfect alignment with your vision.

Crafting Quality Assets

We develop impactful marketing assets that resonate with prospective students.

Brand Consistency

Your institution’s identity matters. We adhere to your brand and marketing guidelines to reflect your institution’s core values.

Custom Online Presence

We design a microsite and specialized landing pages tailored to promote and capture interest for your online program.

Targeted Engagement

Identifying the right audience is half the battle. Once we find the ideal candidates, we create a media plan to both attract and convert them into qualified leads.

Efficient Lead Management

Every lead is a potential student. We provide a customized CRM application transforming those qualified leads into enrolled students.

Why CAP Law Online?

Partnering with an established OPM (Online Program Management Company) like CAP Law Online means you’re tapping into a reservoir of knowledge, experience, and expertise. Our history with successful online program management becomes your institution’s strength. We don’t just fast-track the launch process; we ensure that the very foundation of your online program is solid, robust, and geared for long-term success.

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