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Cap Law Online Provides the Expertise to Get You in Market and Online.

Online Learning Environments

At CAP we partner with higher education institutions to establish successful online master’s or hybrid JD programs. We collaborate with program directors and marketing teams at your higher ed. institution, developing enrollment marketing and enrollment strategies that attract highly qualified students. We use a multi-channel approach, leveraging digital advertising, social media, and online search strategies as well as traditional marketing. 

It might be tempting to launch an online program without the help of an outside vendor since you are the content and curriculum experts. However, partnering with an online program management company has many benefits. An established OPM can launch your online program faster, more efficiently, and more successfully for several reasons. First and foremost is funding: a good OPM partner will provide the required capital needed to effectively build and launch your program

Launching a Hybrid JD Program

We Know How to Connect With Students Beyond Your Traditional Reach.

Our seasoned team is trusted by leaders at numerous institutions to develop personalized communication strategies that show the value of your program and institution and address enrollment marketing challenges.

How Our Enrollment Marketing Works:

We’re the marketing arm for the online program at your institution. 

  • We work together to develop enrollment marketing assets. 
  • We adhere to your brand and marketing guidelines to ensure brand integrity and value alignment.
  • Our team creates a microsite and landing pages built specifically for the online program.   
  • We work with you to identify your target audience, then we build and run a media plan that converts your target audience into qualified leads.
  • We provide leads in a customer relationship management (CRM) application that is customized to your needs.
  • Our team deliver solid business results, converting qualified leads into strong cohorts of the right students for your programs.

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