Curriculum and Instructional Design Services

We Become Part of Your Team as We Create Robust Learning Courses for Your Students.


We are with you! From the first piece of paper to the last piece of online text, we provide excellent concierge service for each faculty member. We are here to help and guide when needed. Our clients praise our responsiveness and our ability to produce high-quality courses they are proud of, and which meet each faculty member’s standards. We have been told we are your “thought partner”. Also, we approach our work through the lens of the student but also through the lens of you, the university. We become part of your team as we create robust learning courses for your students. 

One-Stop-Shop with your Own Personal Instructional Designer

You provide the content, and we do the rest. We are a one-stop shop. We provide most services in-house for our faculty members. If a faculty member has a special request outside of our offerings, we will work on behalf of the faculty to secure those services. We assign an instructional designer to each faculty member. Our entire instructional design team is available to each faculty member if needed. However, we find that building a one-on-one relationship allows both the faculty member and the instructional designer to produce a better product. This is truly a team effort as we cultivate the faculty members knowledge and wisdom and place it into an online learning environment. 

Roadmap to Success

We will provide a roadmap showing how we will complete the program and course design on time for students. This will guide the faculty member and instructional designer, providing goals for each phase of the course development. The typical course development takes six to nine months but can be expedited in as little as three months. We are with you every step of the way. We want to be your guide by your side as you journey through course development. 

Even before a contract is signed, CAP Law Online will work with schools to analyze the potential market for each individual program, study the competition, and identify additional opportunities for growth. If requested, we will assist with the preparation of materials needed for institution approval of new programs as well as offer advice to navigate higher education accreditation.   

CAP Law Online is working behind the scenes every step of the way to ensure that each program is a success. When we partner with an educational institution, we become an extension of that university, integrating with your brand and tailoring our services specifically while providing our outstanding online program management services. You maintain complete control of the courses, curriculum, and vision for the program, but we are there to support you and your faculty throughout.

Some of the top law schools in the US have partnered with us because we take a comprehensive approach that blends program analysis, research, recruitment, and creative marketing expertise to help the university create value for the right students. We view the OPM model as a partnership not only with the law school and larger university but more specifically with the program director and the faculty. We start by gathering critical information about internal and external stakeholders, program specifics, technology requirements, process workflows, student experience, and department and university variables. Ultimately, this comprehensive overview helps guide our pursuit of sustainable enrollment growth. 

Exclusivity by program means that we only represent one program of its kind in a specific geographical region, rather than multiple competing programs. This ensures a singular focus on understanding the program’s audience and their needs, the employment landscape, and job qualifications.

Student Success and Learner Centered Design

We are judged by the success of the students in the courses we develop. During our latest course evaluation: 

  • Students rating: 4.6/5.0 for learning activities (discussion forums, assignments, quizzes, group work), which assist students in achieving the learning outcomes in each course. 
  • Students rating:  4.6/5.0 for the flow of asynchronous course activities and expectations easy to follow.

We focus on learning centered design. We want the learner to be working with the content not trying to figure out how to use the learning management system. Also, we want to ensure when a student is looking at content that the content has been designed with them in mind.  

We also focus on Learner first design which uses the student perspective when designing a course. Staring with the learning objectives or outcomes in the first person; “I will be able to…”. This approach often uses a scaffolding approach to learning. The student starts at the bottom of the scaffolding and the professor, through creative content, leads the student from one step to the next.

Online, Blended, and Hybrid Learning

Whether 25%, 50%, or 100% online, we know how to design your course and your program. We have experience in working with blended/hybrid programs as well as completely online programs. We create a learning experience around each school’s unique approach to education.  

Copy Editing

Our focus is on the student. In addition to checking for grammatical errors, the copy edit process also checks for student readability. We read every line and correct every comma or period. We check for proper vocabulary usage and spelling in all the materials. Our instructional designers have experience working with the unique language used by law school professors and writers.

CAP Law Online is working behind the scenes
every step of the way to ensure that each program is a success.

Quality Assurance

Student first! At this stage, we review the content in the Canvas learning management system. We check the content, determine usability, and make adjustments to benefit the student. Our goal is to design a course where technology is ubiquitous but also seamless. We strive to create an experience where the students can use the technology without thinking about it.

Faculty Orientation, Support, and Training

We use Canvas to teach Canvas. This is an extremely effective way to teach faculty. First, they are exposed to what a student will see upon logging into Canvas. Second, they will walk through the orientation course just as a student will walk through the professors’ course. This provides useful context for the faculty as they shepherd students through the course. We also work in Canvas with the faculty one on one during the course development. Along with the formal and informal training our faculty are well prepared to teach their course. We also offer more in-depth training for those professors who may want to explore more features in Canvas. Some professors would prefer to experience a simulated live course. We can accommodate this request and allow professor to work through how to grade and provide feedback in a mock environment.  

Project Management

Project management is a vital key to success for the overall program as well as the individual courses. We will provide a road map for the completion of the program as well as for each course. We typically meet every two weeks with school stakeholders to provide an update on the progress of the development. Every school has a different rhythm and culture. We are intentional about learning those aspects and adapting the plan to work for you.

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