Curriculum and Instructional
Design Services

At CAPlaw Online we Provide Curriculum and Instructional Design Services

Higher Education needs good online instructional design. We provide curriculum design services through a partnership model. CAPlaw Online provides a dedicated online instructional designer to every faculty member. We are a one-stop-shop for your online program needs. We will provide a roadmap for developing your online courses and copy editing and quality assurance services providing an excellent online course.

At CAPlaw Online will guide your faculty through the online course development process and provide training and support along the way. We provide orientation courses for new online professors and new online students. Online, Hybrid, and Flex programs need a well-crafted curriculum and instructional design to be effective in today’s changing marketplace. CAPlaw online can provide those services ala carte or as a complete solution.

Your students deserve the best.
We can help.

With over 40 years in legal education, CAP Law Online has the expertise to help your institution thrive.

What we offer

We are with you! From the first piece of paper to the last piece to text put into the learning management system. We provide excellent concierge service for each faculty member developing a course. We are here to help and guide when needed. Faculty say that we provide responsive and high-quality product that produce courses they are proud of and meet the standards of each faculty member.

We assign an instructional designer for each faculty member. Along with their individual instructional designer there is also a team that will provide additional support as needed. One on one but not alone. We believe that our one-on-one relationship allows for both the faculty member and the instructional designer to produce a better product.

You provide the content, and we do the rest. We are a one-stop-shop. We provide most services in-house for our faculty members. If a faculty member has a special request outside of our offering, we will work on behalf of the faculty to secure those services.

We will provide a roadmap showing how, together, we will complete the program and course design polished and on time for students. We will provide guidance for the faculty member and instructional designer providing goals for each phase of the course development. The typical course development takes 6 to 9 months but can be expedited in as little as 3 months.

We are judged by the success of the students in the courses we develop. Here are two examples from our latest course evaluation:

  • Most students rated us excellent for learning activities (discussion forums, assignments, quizzes, group work) in this class assist you in achieving the learning outcomes in the course.
  • Most students rated us excellent for the flow of asynchronous course activities and expectations easy to follow.

25% online, 50%, 100% online, we know how to design your course and your program. We have experience in working with blended/hybrid programs as well as completely online programs. We create a learning experience around each school’s approach to education. 

Our focus is on the student. The copy edit process, while it will check for grammatical errors, will also check for readability for the students. We read every line and correct every comma or period. We check for vocabulary use and spelling as our instructional designers have experience working with the unique language used by law school professors and writers.

Student first! At this stage, we review the content in the Canvas learning management system. We check the content, determine usability, and make adjustment to benefit the student. Our goal is to design a course where technology is ubiquitous. We strive to create an experience where the students can use the technology without thinking about it.

We use Canvas to teach Canvas. This is an extremely effective way to teach faculty. First, they are exposed to what a student will see when they first log into Canvas. Second, they will walk through the orientation course just as a student will walk through the professors’ course. This provides great context for the faculty as the shepherd student through the course.

 We offer one on one training for Professors. Professors many wan to explore more features in Canvas or would like to walk through a simulation of being a professor and grading assignments. We can provide these experiences for the professor as requested.

 Project management is a vital key to success for the overall program as well as the individual courses. We will provide a road map for the completion of the program as well as for each course. We typically meet every two weeks to provide an update on the progress of the development. Every school has a different rhythm and culture. We are intentional about learning those aspects and adapting the plan to work for you.

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